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Ayo whaddup!I'm Mira.15 and Malaysian.An Inspirits and Empire Kid.I'm a girl that always 'kya-ing' whenever i see my bias ahar;3

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Let's fangirling


Holaa peeps,OH MY G-DRAGON!I'm so excited! INFINITIZE album was so daebak!Aaa~can't stop spazzing them XD.I was hoping that Sungjong can get more part in the song but oh,well it seem Sunggyu got the most part.But nevermind,i'm so happy to see Sungjong get more manly *roll like a buffalo* He's getting more handsome *o*

Omggggggg you gorjus man *touches screen* Aigooo,i love this feeling ;A; It had been so long since i'm not fangirling-.-Ayo Sungjong lets get engaged lmao.Just joking ;D Oh,well~i can't download the whole album because it was blocked T_T aish,what dafuq?Erghhh nevermind.I will find another way=_=Aaaa my hubby had been more manly and handsome<3 Gonna treasure this forever~

still can't find another link.Wae its all blocked?:'(