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Ayo whaddup!I'm Mira.15 and Malaysian.An Inspirits and Empire Kid.I'm a girl that always 'kya-ing' whenever i see my bias ahar;3

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Hye Malaysian Kpoppers!:D

Assalamualaikum and annyeong:D
okey,straight to the point-.-" I see 8tv posted this things on their fb wall and said something like  a contest and kpop crazy  party n_n

Any of you has an idea what it is all about?

I mean,it is just like a party for kpop fans or the kpop artists will be there too?But i see its write 'by invitation only'.Okay,i really don't understand dude=.=

I want to know!Plishhhhh:3 If you know,roger a.s.a.p to me at tagboard kay?hewhew,thanks a lot *give cookies*