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Ayo whaddup!I'm Mira.15 and Malaysian.An Inspirits and Empire Kid.I'm a girl that always 'kya-ing' whenever i see my bias ahar;3

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Tag Game:)

Annyeong | Assalamualaikum
Waaaaa,aku kena tag lagi.Thanks Liyana Unnie sebab tag Mira.Hehe,tak tahulah dah berapa kali aku main tag game nih.Nyahaha,tapi sebab bosan,apa salahnya kalau main lagi sekali kan?*angkat kening*

De' Rules:1.You must post this rules.
2.Each person must post 11 things about themselves about their journal.
3.Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post.And create 11 new questions for people you tagged to answer.
4.You have to choose 11 people to tag and link them to the post.
5.Go to their page and tell them you've tagged him/her.
6.No tag back.
7.No stuft in the tagging section about "You are tagged if you reading this" you legimately(a.k.a really,trust,,with all honestly)have to tag eleven people.

11 Things about myself
1.A girl who loves anime and Kpop freaking much
2.Love reading fanfic
3.I'm anti-Mathematics-.-
4.I have yellow belt in Taekwando
5.Not very sociable
6.Adore kawaii stuft
7.I am not too tall and  not short too.
8.Like McDonald^^
9.Obviously love watch Vampire drama too.
10.Hate eating medicine//yucks-,-
11.Love to make trouble or mess with others

Questions from Liyana Unnie
1.Whats your real name?
-Zulaikha Amira Bt Zolkafli
2.Whats your url-blog?and why?
-infinity-vampire.blogspot.com.Because i adore Infinite group and love vampire too so i combine it.
3.What your purpose of blogging?
-Just for hobby and also for Kpop updates.
4.Are you Kpopper?and you are..(elf,bana and etc)
-Yup and I will always be forever Inspirit.
5.Why you like Kpop?
-Because Kpop song are amazing and Daebak!
6.Who's your bias?
-Lee Sungjong from Infinite.
7.Do you prefer cute or beautiful?
-I prefer cute more.
8.Who do you like in BOYFRIEND?
-Of course Jo twins
9.Whats the song you just listen?
-Hold Up by Taken
10.What K-Drama you suggest to me?
-Flower Boy Ramyun Shop.Hehe,coz it has Jung Il-Woo in this drama.
11.Whats your speech for your followers?
-Errrr,haha,have a good day my followers!//LOL,no idea at all-.-

Question from me1.Do you love travelling?where?
2.What K-drama do you love?
3.Whats your favourite Kpop group/solo?
4.Do you love anime?
5.If you had chance to go Korea,who you want to meet?
6.Whats song that reminding you to someone?
7.Do you love cute stufts?
8.Whats is your feeling when blogging?
9.Love Mathematics?
10.Which one is more important,phone or laptop?
11.Do you always play this game?

I'm tagging:
Ena,Inspirit,Shida,Echa,Sarah,Yaya,Samirah,Syahiddah,Ms Snow, and KyuMie