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Ayo whaddup!I'm Mira.15 and Malaysian.An Inspirits and Empire Kid.I'm a girl that always 'kya-ing' whenever i see my bias ahar;3

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Day 12:your favourite Infinite quote/interview

Heyyo!:'D Next week kitorang just exam sekejap then holiday then sambung balik exam.Fiuhhh,panjang tak?LOL xD.yeay!ade chance nak study lagi-,-ahaha,tersimpang pulak daripada tajuk--'

                 Day 12:your favourite Infinite quote/interview

oke,as usual i choose this....

Lee Sungjong..coz he was only my nampyeon LOL x)

The feature you like the most (face): Chin
 A thing you dislike the most: Woohyun-hyung’s lies
Favorite color: Yellow
Something you’re fearful of: Being alone
An animal you resemble: Cat, elephant
Something you do before sleeping: Listen to my MP3
What you do as soon as you wake up: Stare into space for 10 minutes
Something you always carry around in your bag: A lie detector (Got it as a present)
Someone you look up to: Parents 
A habit you need to fix: Doing aegyo [T/N: Cute acts]
A song you’ve recently been interested in: Michael Jackson - Beat It

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