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Ayo whaddup!I'm Mira.15 and Malaysian.An Inspirits and Empire Kid.I'm a girl that always 'kya-ing' whenever i see my bias ahar;3

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introducing my new idol:3

LOL!today is his birthday.Happy Birthday Sunha Jung!#he looks cute with that spec

ne,who is he?okay if you don't know,let me introduce to you about my new idol,Sunha Jung!haha,i just know him.You know,he is so awesome!

Seongha Jeong (정성하) was born on 2 september 1996.#mwo?just one year older than me?He is a South Korean profesional acoustic finger-style guitarist who has been rise to fame on youtube  and many other sites,mainly through South Korean audiences.On year 2011,his channel had over 14 millions views,with his videos getting a total of over 306 millions views and also  469,000 subscribes.Seongha typically takes 3 days to learn and practices a new pieces and video record it  for upload it onto Youtube.Seongha has won 13 awards on Youtube.Also on youtube,Seongha has 38 videos with over one millions viewer.The most popular of Seongha videos is the theme of "pirates of caribbean" ,at 21,428,457 views as 22 August 2011.Seongha has composed 18 pieces as of February 2011,two of it which featured in his debut album "perfect blue".

OMG!you know you are totally awesome!aigoo,i begin to admire you:3