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Ayo whaddup!I'm Mira.15 and Malaysian.An Inspirits and Empire Kid.I'm a girl that always 'kya-ing' whenever i see my bias ahar;3

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Infinite Facts~

-According to Sunggyu,Woohyun is a 'noona killer'.
-Sunggyu used to not like Woohyun to extent where Hoya recalls one time when Sunggyu said that if weren't for the fact that Woohyun was in his team/group,he'd never see him again.
-On rainy days,before they debuted,Hoya and Sunggyu used to eat their lunch under the small gym in the playground,and one time,a kid walked past,pointed at them and called them 'beggars'.
-Sunggyu wanted to be either a philosophy or ethics teacher when he was younger.
-Sunggyu wants to try being a DJ at a club.
-According to the members,Dongwoo and Sungjong cried the most after their first win.
-Hoya and Dongwoo both attended JYP auditions.
-'Infinite H' is a sub-unit which stands for 'Infinite Hip Hop' and consists of the rapper line,Dongwoo and Hoya.
-Dongwoo picked Woohyun as the best member,because of his ability to lead and bring all the members to one place.
-If Dongwoo wasn't a celebrity he'd want to have become a Chinesse herbal medicine doctor.
-Woohyun has 291 contacts stored on his mobile,while Sungjong has only 91.
-When asked to choose between Hyuna or Krystal,all members choose Krystal except Sungjong and Woohyun who choose Hyuna.
-Sungjong treats Hoya especially well because they've been together since their debut days and becaause they share a room.
-If Myungsoo were a girl and had to date one of the members,he'd choose Sungyeol because of his innocence.
-Sungyeol' favourite food is fruit.
-According to Sungyeol,Myungsoo is the member that's the happiest about their Japanesse debut.
-Apart from pink,Sungyeol's favourite colours are purple and green.
-The kind of role Myungsoo wants to take on for future drama's is one like Hanazawa Rui from 'Boys over flowers'.
-Recently for a scene in the drama 'Jiu Police Criminal Investigation' where his characterhad to kill someone,Myungsoo had to dress up as a nurse.
-Myungsoo decided he wanted to be a singerafter watching one of Craig David's performances.
-Sungjong admits to once thinking that he was prettier than some other girl groups.
-Sungjong is left handed.